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Home Work

As far as possible, children should be given a quiet place to study and a definite time should be set aside each evening for homework.

Homework should include revision and whatever has to be memorised. The time allotted should be conscientiously used, whether written work has been set or not. If there is less written homework on a particular evening, there is more time to study. In class, new work is presented to the students, and fully explained but the responsibility of learning this work lies with the student.

If memory work is assigned, learn it overnight and repeat it first thing in the morning. Repeat at the end of the week, all that was learnt during the week.

Make a daily home timetable for yourself. In this way you will learn to be a student of regular habits, a most valuable asset in later life.

Realise the value of time. Do not wait till the approach of the examinations. The key to success is careful, regular work. Do not waste your God given talents for want of application.

Private tuition in any form is strongly disapproved of as it is detrimental to healthy intellectual growth.

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